Courtyard KEY: The Adventure of Faith


When you think about your faith life, which of the following lists come to mind?

  • Drudgery
  • Obligation
  • Follow the rules
  • Duty
  • Enthusiasm
  • Mission
  • Live the adventure
  • Excitement

If you identify more with the red list than the green, take some time to read through the Acts of the Apostles. How would the apostles have answered after Pentecost? Is there any doubt they would have chosen the green list? So what’s the difference between them and you?

You have the same access to grace that the disciples did. And believe it or not you have the same power of the Holy Spirit that they had. The only real difference between you and the disciples is that the disciples KNEW they were empowered by the Holy Spirit and had a clarity about the mission the Holy Spirit was sending them on. The “Adventure of Faith” course is designed to give you that clarity. This program will help you discover your Office and your Mission – which translates into how you are called and equipped to serve the Kingdom of God in this world.

Core Curriculum – the Keys to Spiritual Growth Program

The workshop and course are scheduled for completion in the spring of 2018. Click here to see the project schedule for the Keys to Spiritual Growth program

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From the Abbey can help you discover your gifts, your office and your mission. There are three steps to the Keys to Spiritual Growth program. You can follow the steps in order, or you can save a little money by purchasing the entire Key to the Courtyard package.

Step 1: The Free “Office & Mission” toolkit. This toolkit will show you where most people go wrong as they consider what God is calling them to, and how to avoid the most common myths, traps and problems Catholics run into.

Step 2: The “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” online Workshop. Online workshops are designed to give you quick, easy wins to help you build momentum toward real change. The “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” online workshop will introduce you to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and walk you through ways to discern which Gifts the Holy Spirit has given you. Once you know how God has equipped you, it’s much easier to figure out what mission He has equipped you for. This course has a lot of Catholics excited!

Step 3: The “Adventure of Faith” online course will walk you step-by-step through the process of more fully living your office in the Church (yes, you do have one) and discerning and embarking on your mission. You’ll discover what it means to have an office as an ambassador for Christ. You’ll find out how the mission God gave you is a participation in the mission of Jesus. I’ll help you discern your mission and give you a plan for starting your adventure!

The Bronze level of “The Adventure of Faith” offers the main video course with learning activities and journal entries to reinforce the material. You'll also get an online interactive mission-building plan, and I'll offer one review of your plan to help you on your way.

The Gold level of “The Adventure of Faith” is much more a spiritual coaching program than an online course. You'll receive the same video lessons, learning activities, application activities and journal entries that you would receive in the Bronze Level. But in addition, you also receive my feedback every step of the way. You'll have the opportunity to submit your mission building plan for each module and get my feedback. You'll also have access to weekly open office hours where you can speak with me online and ask questions or work through problems. While all of this personal attention is very much like spiritual coaching, it remains completely in your control. You share as much as you're comfortable sharing and you work through the course at your own pace. It's really the best of both worlds!

The Platinum Level of From Faith to Friendship includes everything from the Bronze and Gold levels, plus four 30-minute sessions with me where we walk through the implementation of the strategies and skills you learn in each unit. We’ll actually build and implement your relationship plan together. This option is the ultimate in personalized guidance and support.

While You’re Waiting for this Course

While you’re waiting for the Adventure of Faith course to launch, how would you like me to personally help you take the first step in living your adventure? Most people live what Catholic speaker and author Matthew Kelly calls “lives of quiet desperation.” They find themselves incredibly busy, but at the end of the day they feel like they never really accomplish anything meaningful. Wouldn’t you rather be living life as an adventure?

Think about the 70 disciples that Jesus sent out to preach, heal and drive out demons. They never expected their lives to be such an adventure. But they came back from their mission excited and exuberant that even the demons were driven out in the name of Jesus. Do you remember Jesus’ response to their excitement? It was two-fold. First He said that His disciples would do much greater things in His name than these. Second, He told them not to rejoice in the power they held, but to rejoice that their names were written in the Book of Life. Jesus was calling His disciples to recognize that the mission they had been sent on was a participation in His own mission, and in His own Divine Life. Isn’t that the kind of adventure you’re aching for?

So what’s keeping you from living the adventure of faith right now? What is the biggest obstacle in your way? What could we do to clear the way for you to more completely embrace your Gifts and mission?

In your private session with me, we’ll explore the obstacles that are keeping you from fully embracing the adventure of faith. Then we’ll work through as many of your obstacles as we can to pave the way for you to fully embrace your Office and Mission once you take the “Adventure of Faith” course.

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