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Building Your Spiritual Life with the Early Church Fathers

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Fathers of the Church 3rd Edition

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Building Your Spiritual Life with the Early Church Fathers

What can the Early Church Fathers teach us about building a healthy spiritual life?


The teaching and example of the Early Church Fathers can help us to build our spiritual life on a firm foundation.

In this course you’ll learn

  • How the Early Church Fathers understood a “personal relationship with Jesus” (and what this phrase can not mean)
  • Why the Holy Eucharist is so central not only to our faith but to your spirituality as well (hint: it has a lot to do with what you’ll learn about having a personal relationship with Jesus)!
  • What role Sacred Scripture should have in our spiritual lives (and how to read the Bible most effectively)
  • Why it’s so important to be united to the Church as the Body of Christ and the Family of God (you may never see your bishop in the same way again)
  • How we can navigate a culture that hates Christianity and lulls us in to a lax, lazy lukewarm faith at the same time.

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