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Would you love to take an adult faith formation course such as a Great Adventure Bible Timeline Bible study or Epic (on Church history) but don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars in purchasing a program you may or may not use again?

Why not rent instead?  For just $5 – $20/month you could be studying and growing in your faith with the best Catholic teachers. Most individuals can complete a study in a month or two—saving you hundreds of dollars!

From the Abbey will work with parishes to develop a rental plan that  fits your schedule.

Here’s how it works: To rent a title below, just add it to your shopping cart. When you check out you’ll see that you’re being charged the rental price for a certain number of months (e.g. $10/month for 3 months). The “for 3 months” portion of that price statement is the “rent to own” period. In other words, if you keep the video in our example for 3 months you will have paid for the video and it’s yours to keep. If you return the video before the 3 month “rent to own” period you will not be charged again. So return the video within the first month and $10 is all you pay. Depending on the rental cost, some of the videos include shipping both ways in the purchase price while others will ask you to pay shipping to you. Shipping back to From the Abbey is always on us – just request a return shipping label to stop the next charge to your credit card and to receive a paid return label.

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Showing 1–16 of 69 results