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From the Abbey is an online spirituality program that does all kinds of things to encourage Catholic adults to dynamically engage in their relationship with God. I’ll be sending you a few emails to explain what we do – I hope that’s OK.

The core “theme” of From the Abbey is to rebuild your “Inner Abbey.” Your “Inner Abbey” is the place in your heart that you reserve to spend time with God. For most Catholics (including me), our “Inner Abbey” has been neglected, and is quite frankly falling apart. In real-life terms, most Catholic adults don’t have much of an interior life – and aren’t actively engaged in their relationship with God.

For example, one of the greatest obstacles that Catholic adults like you have told me gets in the way of having a deeper relationship with God is BUSYNESS. This means being distracted by the demands of our everyday lives to the point that we are hardly able to think about God at all.

This particular problem makes up the “Entryway” of our “Inner Abbey.”

To help you rebuild your entryway so you can live with God at the center of your life rather than trying to fit him into your hectic schedule, I’ve created a free toolkit for you. This toolkit contains video lessons, articles, and an interactive diagram to show you how to get started repairing and rebuilding this area of your spirituality.

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