Entryway ROOM: Spiritual Discernment

Once you’ve unlocked the Entryway with the virtue of Prudence, it’s time to get the room itself in order. The Entryway is all about spiritual discernment. Now, this shouldn’t be confused with “discernment of spirits.” That’s a special charism given to certain people. Spiritual Discernment is something we all need to do before we fully enter into our interior life. It means looking within and listening to the influences on our inner lives. The main teaching of spiritual discernment in the Catholic spiritual tradition comes from Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

Core Curriculum: The Rebuild Your Inner Abbey Program

Please note that this course in the “Rebuild Your Inner Abbey” Program is not yet created. If you’re really struggling with spiritual discernment, scroll to the bottom of this page for other resources.

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From the Abbey’s “Spiritual Discernment” course will lead you step-by-step through the process of spiritual discernment. You’ll learn to listen to your inner movements and to discern whether those movements come from a “good spirit” or an “evil spirit.” You’ll also learn how to respond to each of those movements of the heart. By the end of this course you’ll find yourself more attuned to God’s will for you on a daily basis, and you’ll learn to foster the proper disposition for deeper prayer and deeper conversion.

There are three levels to the Spiritual Discernment Course.

The Bronze Level of the Spiritual Discernment course will offer you 5 modules with video lessons, learning activities, application activities and journal entries. It also comes with one online feedback session where you create a plan for growing in spiritual discernment as you go through the course and I offer you feedback. The Bronze level of the course is not ideal, but it is offered for self-directed learners and those who don’t want to invest in the Gold Level program.

The Gold Level of the Spiritual Discernment course is much more a spiritual coaching program than an online course. You’ll receive the same video lessons, learning activities, application activities and journal entries that you would receive in the Bronze Level. But in addition, you also receive my feedback every step of the way. You’ll have the opportunity to submit your spiritual discernment plan for each module and get my feedback. You’ll also have access to weekly open office hours where you can speak with me online and ask questions or work through problems. While all of this personal attention is very much like spiritual coaching, it remains completely in your control. You share as much as you’re comfortable sharing and you work through the course at your own pace. It’s really the best of both worlds!

The Platinum Level of the Spiritual Discernment course is for those who want the most direct guidance in making and implementing their plan for spiritual discernment. In addition to everything you get in the other two levels, you also receive four 30-minutes sessions with me, where we will work together through each step of the process. This is the best way to work through your particular circumstances and challenges, and is especially suited for people who need a lot of help and support.

Other Entryway Resources: Spiritual Discernment

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