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Pamela R. Quinlan

A Scary Day at Spring Pond


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Spring Pond Series Book 7

Se at Durward's Glen, the Spring Pond Series of books are all set at Spring Pond and tell stories about animals like those found at Durward's Glen. IN fact, the central character, Herman the Turtle, actually belonged to Quinlan's son. The turtle was released into the pond 15 years ago. “I believe Herman is still in the pond,” said Quinlan, who noted that visitors on tours at the Glen continue to look for him. “The Glen is dear to my heart,” said Quinlan. She hopes her books will inspire people – especially families with children – to come to Durward's Glen. — From the Madison Catholic Herald.

The seventh book in The Spring Pond Series, “A Scary Day at Spring Pond,” has Herman the Turtle’s family warned by a police officer to be careful entering the Glen because of a bear sighting. Herman the Turtle and Cherry the Chipmunk confirm with Mr. White Paws the Cat that there is a bear around. Herman’s mom gets distracted and doesn’t notice that her daughter has gone down by the creek alone to pick dandelions. Suddenly, the little girl is in danger as she stumbles right into the path of a 200 pound momma bear and her two cubs. Huey the Hummingbird attempts to try and save the girl but it is the police officer who comes to the rescue. The lesson learned is to be aware of your surroundings.

These books are slightly water damaged. The pages are not wrinkled but the corners are slightly water stained.

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