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You: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body, Parent’s Guide


In an age of “selfies” and egocentrism, YOU cuts through the noise to present an authentic view of the human person. It presents young people with the extraordinary story of their creation as unrepeatable individuals. But the program doesn’t stop there.

YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body introduces teens to the truth that life is not, in fact, all about them; it is about going out of themselves to be a sincere gift for others.


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The Parent’s Guide serves as an excellent and informative overview of YOU. While it has been specifically written for parents of students participating in the program, it will help any parent learn more about the Theology of the Body so that they may pass this life-changing message on to their sons and daughters.

The YOU Parent’s Guide includes:

  • Summaries of each of the chapters in the Student Workbook.
  • A basic intro to the Theology of the Body for parents, as well as an understanding of what their sons and daughters will be learning when they participate in the program.
  • Study questions at the end of each chapter for parents to discuss with their sons and daughters.
  • Family applications to help the parent create and foster a Theology of the Body culture in the home.

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