Father Matthias Joseph Scheeben

Glories of Divine Grace


The Glories of Divine Grace is a critical book in anyone’s spiritual formation. For; as the subtitle indicates; it is A Fervent Exhortation to All to Preserve and to Grow in Sanctifying Grace. We know that through Baptism we become children of God and heirs of Heaven; that we receive thereby Sanctifying Grace and thus have a share in the life of God Himself. But how many Catholics think little more about the nature of Sanctifying Grace and what it means? Not after this book!


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Glories of Divine Grace

I cannot recommend this amazing book highly enough. Father Scheeben delves deeply into what grace is, the new nature grace gives us, and how we should live according to this new nature in order to be united to God in love. This is a complete exposition of grace, written in a style that is perfect for spiritual, meditative reading. Get this book!

by Father Mathias Scheeben
TAN – St Benedict Press
ISBN 9780895555090

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