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Who Are the Early Church Fathers?

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Who Are the Early Church Fathers?

How familiar are you with the Early Church Fathers? This course is designed for beginners who know very little (or nothing) about this important group of early saints.

  • Learn what qualifies someone to be called an “Early Church Father” (and what this term really means)
  • Learn why we honor this group of saints just because they lived in the first few centuries of the Church (it’s not just because we like “old” things)
  • Learn what “Church approval” really means (it’s probably not what you think)
  • Learn why it is important that the Early Church Fathers be orthodox, meaning that they teach correct doctrine (and why their orthodoxy is important for your relationship with Jesus)
  • Discover why we have an official title for “Early Church Fathers” but not “Early Church Mothers” (no, it’s not because the Church is sexist)
  • Learn whey it is important for us to know about the Early Church Fathers (why should you come to know them)


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