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Evangelization Bundle

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Evangelization Bundle

Are you prepared to evangelise, to communicate the gospel to others? Amid the numerous urgent calls today to do so, many may find themselves unable to ‘move towards others’ with a genuine experience of God’s forgiveness, mercy and joy. This bundle is designed to help!

The Call to Evangelize

This text’s proposal for true intimacy with the person of Jesus is both highly instructive and encouraging. To be genuine witnesses, disciples in today’s fractured and wounded world must make space for contemplative prayer and for a tangible, living and personal relationship with the Lord.

Fr. Anthony Doe is a priest of the Archdiocese of Westminster. He is a qualified psychotherapist who exercises his priestly ministry as a therapist and spiritual director. he also gives retreats and spiritual conferences.

Encounter Christ First Then Set the World On Fire

Curtis Martin, founder of FOCUS and world renowned authority on evangelization, shares how a personal encounter with Jesus is the key to following him with fidelity, gratitude, and joy. With humor and relatable examples, he also shows how experiencing Christ before evangelizing others is the biblical model witnessed to by the Apostles, and one that is certain to bear fruit in the life of any believer.

Contagious Catholicism: The 7 Habits of Modern-Day Apostles

Internationally acclaimed speaker and author Chris Stefanick speaks about the importance of living a life of authenticity with a courageous commitment to love. He walks us through seven habits that we can use as modern-day apostles to effectively spread the good news to Jesus Christ. Following these lessons will help us to fulfill our calling to be fearlessly, joyfully Catholic, with a faith that is attractive, life-giving, and truly contagious.

Confirmation the Sacrament of Evangelization & Martyrdom

The Sacrament of Confirmation has become a lost sacrament. To most Catholics it means nothing more than ‘graduation’ from religious education. But Dr. Brant Pitre shows that Confirmation is really just the BEGINNING of our call to evangelize and to be witnesses for Christ. Confirmation calls us – and empowers us – to live radically for Christ, even to the point of martyrdom!

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