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The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide Starter Pack

DVD Set + Materials

The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide was created to bring specific help—through books, DVDs, websites, and other timely media—in the healing of the human family. Regardless of where you are after a divorce or separation, this program can help you and your family find answers to the questions you have and help restore fullness of health, life, and joy to every family.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to gain personal healing and hope.
  • Discover how to work through the emotional upheaval of separation and divorce.
  • Gain wisdom from experts and others who have shared their experiences.
  • Learn how to navigate through new financial concerns.
  • Address questions of forgiveness, family, and new relationships.
  • Gain an understanding of the meaning and purpose of the annulment process.

Program Sessions:

Part 1: Finding Perfect Peace

  • Session 1: Getting Your Bearings
  • Session 2: Finding Right Direction
  • Session 3: Getting Through Your Anger
  • Session 4: Finding Perfect Peace

Part 2:Finding Perfect Power

  • Session 5: Learning to Forgive
  • Session 6: Dealing With Your Family
  • Session 7: Handling Money Wisely
  • Session 8: Finding Perfect Power

Part 3: Finding Perfect Passion

  • Session 9: Seeing God in Romance
  • Session 10: Relearning How to Date
  • Session 11: Loving All Church Teachings
  • Session 12: Finding Perfect Passion


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The starter pack contains everything a leader needs to run The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide, including:

  • The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide DVD Set
  • The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide Personal Survival Guide for participants
  • The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide Leader’s Survival Guide

Other Program Resources

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