Meg Meeker M.D.

Boys Should Be Boys


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Boys Should Be Boys

Catholic pediatrician Meg Meeker brings her sharp insight and deep research to bear on the topic of brining up boys. We live in a hyper-feminized world that devalues male personality traits. Too often boys are taught that the male traits that come most naturally to them are not values, or even that those traits are bad. Dr. Meeker gives compelling argument that boys need to be brought up as boys, and offers practical advice on how to do that as parents.
• why rules and boundaries are crucial–and why boys feel lost without them• how the outdoors is still the best playground, offering the sense of adventure that only Mother Nature can provide• the essential ways to preserve a boy’s innocence (and help him grow up)• the pitfalls moms and dads face when talking to their sons• why moody and rebellious boys are not normal–and how to address such behavior• how and when the “big” questions in life should be discussed: why he is here, what his purpose is, and why he is important

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