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Amazing Grace for Married Couples



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Amazing Grace for Married Couples

Amazing Grace for Married Couples will deepen your commitment to marriage like no other book. This is a collection of inspiring stories about renewed relationships that were once on the brink of disaster. While most people would have written these couples off as hopelessly incompatible, through the grace of God, they overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles. As a result, every couple is more in love today than they were on their wedding day. In this book, you will experience how God’s grace healed: • A marriage that began lovingly but quickly sputtered out when the young wife became addicted to gambling. • A wife whose addiction to romance novels undermined her relationship with her family and led to much heartbreak. • A man and wife who discovered they had both been unfaithful to each other. When their lack of trust in each other turned them into virtual strangers, divorce seemed the only option.

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