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A Personal Year of Grace



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A Personal Year of Grace

The liturgical year has been called the “Church’s year of grace”. Father Dicharry reveals how the liturgical year can also be a “personal year of grace”. Dividing the Church year into three sections (the Christmas Cycle, the Easter Cycle and Ordinary Time, this book explains how we are affected by these moments in the Church year through the Eucharistic sacrifice of the Mass, through the liturgical hours of the Breviary and through our own personal prayer life. Beginning with Advent and all through the celebration of Christmas, we see that these seasons tell us something of the implantation of the Word of God in us anew. The entire Easter season is revealed as a time when the scriptures calls us to God and his kingdom. Ordinary Time represents a time to grow in the image of God. Father Dicharry’s challenge is this: to see the Church year as a year of personal spiritual growth, to apply its riches to daily living and to remain prayerfully open to whatever the Lord desires to work within you, as your own spirituality grows through a life lived in God’s time. Father Dicharry is the author of “The Human Authors of the New Testament”.

This is a used book. It’s in new condition (never read before) and was part of a bookstore withdrawal. It is in excellent shape except for a little shelf wear and a thick withdrawal mark on the top edge.

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