Novitiate Membership

Congratulations on investing in your faith! As a From the Abbey Novice you will be invited to invest a little bit of your treasure into your faith each month, but more importantly you'll be asked to invest a bit of your time to learning your faith more deeply, and therefore to growing in your intimacy with God.

Here are your membership details:

  • What's Included In Your Membership

    Novitiate Membership gives you access to the Novitiate Class Library. You will receive one "Access Pass" each month, allowing you to unlock one class of your choice each month. As a member you can also purchase any class in the Library for just $9.00. Members also get access to the "Rebuild Your Inner Abbey" Facebook group and the Spiritual Project archives. Novitiate members are encouraged to ask questions about the faith and to request course topics to add to the Library.

  • Cost

    The Novitiate membership costs $9.00 per month billed to your credit card on file each month until you cancel. You may also choose to pay for an annual membership at the rate of $90/year, also billed automatically on the anniversary of your membership.

  • 30-Day Guarantee

    If you cancel within the first 30 days of your initial registration, you will receive the full amount of your payment back. You will lose access to the site immediately upon cancelling.

  • Renewal Terms

    Your membership is renewed automatically on your payment anniversary (monthly or annually) until you cancel your membership. No renewal is necessary unless you cancel and want to restart your membership.

  • Exclusions

    The Novitiate membership does NOT include courses in the Keys to Spiritual Growth program or the Rebuild Your Inner Abbey program. Novitiate membership does not include spiritual coaching. However, Novitiate are welcome to ask catechetical questions in the Facebook Group or by email.

  • Cancellation

    You can cancel at any time by clicking the "Cancel My Membership" button at the bottom of your membership welcome page, clicking this link, or by sending an email to Monthly memberships will continue to the end of the currently paid month. No further charges will be made on your card unless you re-apply to the membership. Annual plans will be pro-rated at a rate of $9/month through the current month and the remaining amount paid will be refunded.