Discover Your Mission!

3-Fold Mission

It's September!  After three months of summer fun, relaxation and rejuvenation it's time to go back to school, to make ready for winter, to get back to work.

That makes September a great month to consider how God is calling you to serve the Kingdom of God!

The Holy Spirit equips each of us with spiritual gifts and gently invites us to use those gifts, along with our natural talents, to participate in the 3-fold mission of Jesus. Every Christian is called to participate in all 3 dimensions of Jesus' mission: to pray for others, to share the Gospel (evangelize), and to serve others in love. But each of us is also empowered and called to a specific way of serving the Kingdom of God. This unique call usually falls under one of the three mission, making it an emphasis in our spiritual lives.

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How Do We Discern Our Mission?

When it comes to discernment, Catholics rightly put a lot of emphasis on discerning our vocation. Your vocation is how God calls you into a particular "school" of charity, teaching you within the circumstances and relationships of your vocation to love with the love of Jesus.

Your vocation is your main calling and your mission falls within your vocation. Unfortunately, not as much emphasis tends to be placed on discerning our mission. How do we identify what spiritual gifts the Holy Spirit has given us? How do we know how God is calling us to use those gifts?

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