Learn How to LIVE the Sacraments

This Month’s Special Promotion: Learn How to LIVE the Sacraments!

One thing I’ve been hearing from the Catholic adults I’ve been working with lately is that they are frustrated with being stuck with a 7th grade understanding of the Sacraments. From what I’m hearing, many Catholics see the Sacraments as liturgical rituals, but aren’t aware of how these “founts of grace” are supposed to be lived out in our daily personal spiritual lives.

Well, this month we’re going to change all that! Let’s explore the Sacraments at a deeper level and come to understand how they call us to a deeper relationship with the Holy Trinity!

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  • Free Video

    Our “Rebuilding My Inner Abbey” webcast this month will focus on how the Sacraments should shape your personal spiritual life. We’ll identify the Sacramental Sign and the Sacramental Promise of each, then learn how to live those out. Catch the webcast as a podcast, a video, or a blog post.

  • Free Cheat Sheet

    Get a free “cheat sheet” that will help you identify the Sacramental Sign and Sacramental Promise for each of the Sacraments.

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    You’re invited to join us as we discuss the Sacraments on our Facebook page at facebook.com/fromtheabbey. I’ll let you know by email when I post a new discussion question. Please come join the conversation!

  • Free Online Class!

    I am very happy to announce that the online class series “Fathers of Our Faith” is now complete! And I’ll show anyone who registers for this month’s special offer how to get the first class in that series, “Who Are the Early Church Fathers,” for FREE!