Entryway KEY: the Virtue of Prudence


Most Catholics are beginners in the spiritual life. They don’t have a “rule of life” in place the way a religious order would – to help them avoid distractions and focus on the things that matter most.

So for most of us, that means the first step to reclaiming our Inner Abbey is to learn to focus on the things that matter most. The discipline that helps us do that is the virtue of prudence.

Core Curriculum – the Keys to Spiritual Growth Program

From the Abbey can help you grow in the virtue of prudence and focus on the things that matter most. There are three steps to the Keys to Spiritual Growth program. You can follow the steps in order, or you can save a little money by purchasing the entire Key to the Entryway package.

Step 1: The Free “Prudence Plan” tool kit. This tool kit will get you off to a great start. Learn why the virtue of prudence is so key to your spiritual growth, learn the simple 4-step process of growing in prudence, and learn how to take inventory of your time to discover the hidden pockets of time you can reclaim. Click here to get the free toolkit.

Step 2: The “Make Time for What Matters” online Workshop. Online workshops are designed to give you quick, easy wins to help you build momentum toward real change. The “Make Time for What Matters” online workshop will teach you 3 major strategies for reclaiming control over your time. These strategies can help you reclaim as much as 4 hours per day, time you can then use to take on the more rigorous work of the full course (see step 3 below). More importantly, these strategies will prove to you that you CAN take control of your time.

Step 3: The “Planning for Grace” online course will walk you step-by-step through the process of growing in prudence. You’ll learn what it means to live with God at the center of your life and to truly live your Baptismal promises, how to cooperate with actual grace – especially the grace known as the Gift of the Holy Spirit of Knowledge – and how to truly live for the things that matter most instead of just trying (and failing) to fit them in around everything else.

There are three options for this course.

The Bronze level of Planning for Grace is completely self-directed. In addition to the video course there are learning activities and journal entries to help you implement each step in the process. You will also get my help through an online plan that you’ll develop as you go through the course and I’ll offer feedback on. This level isn’t recommended, since it offers the least amount of support. But it’s available for those who don’t feel they need much coaching, or who just can’t invest in the Gold level.

The Gold level of Planning for Grace isn’t just an online course – it’s an online spiritual coaching program. You get the same videos and learning activities that are in the Bronze level, but instead of journal entries you have the opportunity to submit each step of the process to me for review. Instead of just a single review of your plan, I will help you create a personalized plan for growing in prudence based on your particular circumstances, obstacles and goals. You will also have access to weekly “open office hours” when you can speak to me directly via Google Hangouts to ask your questions and to discuss your plan. Even though the Gold Level of Planning for Grace is high-touch, it is still at your own pace, and you still share only what you feel comfortable sharing. But you get the guidance, support and encouragement you really need to make changes in your life.

The Platinum Level of From Faith to Friendship includes everything from the Bronze and Gold levels, plus four 30-minute sessions with me where we walk through the implementation of the strategies and skills you learn in each unit. We’ll actually build and implement your relationship plan together. This option is the ultimate in personalized guidance and support.

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