Chapel KEY: Practical Prayer


The Chapel of your Inner Abbey is the place in our heart where we meet God in prayer to grow in intimacy with Him. Most Catholics are beginners in the spiritual life. They don’t have a “rule of life” in place the way a religious order would – to help them spend regular time in prayer.

So for most of us, that means we’re not praying regularly. Our prayer is sporadic at best, and when we do pray it’s more out of desperation than a true desire for intimacy with God. The KEY of the Chapel to overcome your internal resistance and establish a daily habit of prayer.

Core Curriculum – the Keys to Spiritual Growth Program

From the Abbey can help you overcome your interior resistance and establish a daily prayer habit. There are three steps to the Practical Prayer program. You can follow the steps in order, or you can save a little money by purchasing the entire Key to the Chapel package.

Step 1: The Free “Prayer Plan” tool kit. This tool kit will get you off to a great start. Learn the reasons that you find it so difficult to take time to pray – the causes of internal resistance. Learn why a habit of daily prayer is so key to your spiritual growth. Learn the simple 4-step process of establishing and strengthening your prayer habit.

The workshop and course are scheduled for completion in the fall of 2016. Click here to see the project schedule for the Keys to Spiritual Growth program

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Step 2: The “Divine Intimacy” online Workshop. Online workshops are designed to give you quick, easy wins to help you build momentum toward real change. The “Divine Intimacy” online workshop will teach you how your relationship with God progresses from being a stranger to becoming a Child of God (hint – it’s the same progression we see in Salvation History, and the same progression most human relationships follow). You’ll also learn practical ways to grow in your relationship with God at each step.

Step 3: The “Practical Prayer” online course will walk you step-by-step through the process of establishing and strengthening a daily habit of prayer.

There are three options for this course.

The Bronze level of Practical Prayer is completely self-directed. In addition to the video course there are learning activities and journal entries to help you implement each step in the process. You will also get my help through an online plan that you’ll develop as you go through the course and I’ll offer feedback on. This level isn’t recommended, since it offers the least amount of support. But it’s available for those who don’t feel they need much coaching, or who just can’t invest in the Gold level.

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    Practical Prayer

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The Gold level of Practical Prayer isn’t just an online course – it’s an online spiritual coaching program. You get the same videos and learning activities that are in the Bronze level, but instead of journal entries you have the opportunity to submit each step of the process to me for review. Instead of just a single review of your prayer plan, I will help you create a personalized plan for developing a daily habit of prayer based on your particular circumstances, obstacles and goals. You will also have access to weekly “open office hours” when you can speak to me directly via Google Hangouts to ask your questions and to discuss your plan. Even though the Gold Level of Planning for Grace is high-touch, it is still at your own pace, and you still share only what you feel comfortable sharing. But you get the guidance, support and encouragement you really need to make changes in your life.

The Platinum level of Practical Prayer offers FULL service. In addition to everything in the Gold level, with the addition of 4 30-minute coaching sessions. Let me personally walk you through each step of the process.

While You’re Waiting for this Course

While you are waiting for the Practical Prayer course to launch, how would you like me to personally help you take the first step in building your daily prayer life and deepening your relationship with Jesus?

Are you like most Catholics who get “stuck” in their faith, and don’t even know why? Do you feel called to daily prayer but struggle most days to fit it in, or even to remember to take the time? You know Jesus calls us to love our enemies, but you struggle to even love your family and friends the way you know you are meant to. You want to live a life full of meaning, passion and purpose but find yourself living – in the words of Catholic writer and speaker Matthew Kelly – “a life of quiet desperation.” Most importantly, you want a deeper relationship with God, but you live in the fear that you’re just not doing enough.

Without spiritual guidance, you will remain stuck, distant from God and distant from the meaningful, grace-filled life you know you’re called to live. But you don’t have to stay stuck.

In your personal session with me, we’ll explore your spiritual life and identify the one greatest reason you are struggling to develop a daily prayer life. We’ll then identify one strategy to help you get over that hurdle.

After our session I’ll follow up with you by email to encourage you to implement your strategy so that when the Practical Prayer course becomes available, you’ll be even more ready to implement the entire program. Without your greatest obstacle in your way, developing a daily prayer life has never been easier!

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