Cafeteria ROOM: To Love As Jesus Loves


Once you’ve unlocked the door to the Cafeteria, it’s time to make it a beautiful place for meeting others in the love of Jesus. The “To Love As Jesus Loves” course will show you how to expand the love you build in your close relationships to the world. The focus of this course is becoming a disciple of love in all of our relationships. This means to love others – from our closest relationships to the “least of these” – with the love of Jesus.

Core Curriculum: The Rebuild Your Inner Abbey Program

Please note that this course in the “Rebuild Your Inner Abbey” Program is not yet created. If you’re really struggling with charity, scroll to the bottom of this page for other resources.

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The “To Love as Jesus Loves” course takes you step-by-step through the process of growing in the virtue of Charity. When Jesus gave us His “new commandment” after His Resurrection, there is no doubt that He was calling His disciples to grace.

In the Greek language, the kind of love Jesus calls us to is called Agapè. This word means “the love of the gods.” So first of all this kind of love is supposed to be beyond human ability. In the Greek mind, to even try to reach to the attributes of the gods was an incredible act of pride – and one of the great sins warned against in Greek literature.

Of course, the pagan Greek world had little idea what it meant to love “like a god.” In Greek literature, the gods are petty, cruel and jealous. But when they fall in love, their love changed the world – wars were begun, won or lost; people were turned into constellations, animals or trees; major landmarks on the earth were created. But how the gods loved was really no different from the ways humans loved.

Then Jesus – who truly is God – took on human nature and showed us what it really meant to love like God. He poured Himself out for us in the Incarnation. He poured Himself out in His earthly ministry. And He ultimately poured Himself out for us at the Cross. To love with the love of God means to make a total gift of self – to completely pour ourselves out for others. But how can we – mere mortals – pour ourselves out completely for others? There would be nothing left of us! In that sense, the Greeks were right. Humans cannot love like God. But Jesus’ commandment isn’t just a mandate. It comes with the grace to carry it out. We can love with the love of Jesus. But this doesn’t come easy to us. We need grace – and we need to learn how to cooperate with that grace. The “To Love as Jesus Loves” will show you how.

The Bronze Level of “To Love as Jesus Loves” course offers the main video course with learning activities and journal entries to reinforce the material. You’ll also get an online interactive charity-building plan, and I’ll offer one review of your plan to help you on your way.

The Gold Level of “To Love as Jesus Loves” course is much more a spiritual coaching program than an online course. You’ll receive the same video lessons, learning activities, application activities and journal entries that you would receive in the Bronze Level. But in addition, you also receive my feedback every step of the way. You’ll have the opportunity to submit your charity building plan for each module and get my feedback. You’ll also have access to weekly open office hours where you can speak with me online and ask questions or work through problems. While all of this personal attention is very much like spiritual coaching, it remains completely in your control. You share as much as you’re comfortable sharing and you work through the course at your own pace. It’s really the best of both worlds!

The Platinum Level of “To Love as Jesus Loves” course is the ultimate experience in spiritual coaching. In addition to everything you get in the Gold Level, you also have the opportunity to meet personally with me for each unit. I’ll talk you through each step and help you develop your personalized charity building plan based on your unique circumstances.

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