Back to School

Not Just For Children - It's Time for YOU to Go Back to School Too!

For far too long Catholic adults have been "taught" that they were done learning their faith. After all, they have already "graduated" from religious education on their day of Confirmation. Adult life is full of demands. Nobody needs another thing to do.

But Confirmation is not "graduation" from learning our faith

And despite the demands of adulthood, we find time for football, fishing and shopping, right?

Isn't it time for us to start taking our relationship with God more seriously? Isn't it time to become lifelong learners of our faith?

This month, let's rededicate ourselves to learning our faith. Below you'll find resources for learning as an individual, and for learning in groups. Let's start with a very special opportunity to get BONUS online classes . . .

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This Month's Special

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Take advantage of this great opportunity to grow in your faith! But hurry!

Here Are Some of the Courses You Could Get FREE!